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ModelCenter® Plug-in for Maple and MapleSim

Using MapleSim and Maple inside ModelCenter

Maplesoft and Phoenix Integration have worked together to develop a plug-in that allows engineers to integrate Maple and MapleSim into the ModelCenter® workflow integration and automation platform from Phoenix Integration, so engineers can easily take advantage of these powerful modeling, simulation, and analysis tools inside an integrated development environment. As a result, customers can combine the reduced risk, improved designs, and shorter development times that come from using Maplesoft tools with the efficiencies that come from using a process integration platform.

  • Integrated system simulations
    • Integrate MapleSim system models with simulation tools from other vendors, including FEA and CFD tools, to produce a single view into the behavior of your entire system
    • Seamlessly run multidisciplinary simulation processes(cost, performance, risk)
  • Design-space exploration
    • Search, investigate and understand the design space by taking advantage of Maple and MapleSim analysis tools from within the ModelCenter environment
    • Perform engineering calculations in Maple, integrated with other models and data sources, over a range of design parameters
    • Perform trade studies, sensitivity analyses, Design of Experiments, and optimizations using integrated MapleSim virtual prototypes
    • Easily visualize results and the impact of design changes
  • Functional verification of system designs

Watch these videos to see the integration in action!

MapleSim and ModelCenter: Dynamic Model of an EV Powertrain

Maple and ModelCenter: Thermodynamic Cycle Analysis

Maplesoft products can also be integrated with other process integration platforms, such as Optimus® from Noesis Solutions. Contact Maplesoft for details.

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