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MapleSim Connector for FMI

MapleSim Connector for FMI

The MapleSim Connector for FMI allows you to share high-fidelity, multidomain models created in MapleSim with other modeling tools. FMI (Functional Mockup Interface) is a standard format for defining models established with the support of the Modelica Association to facilitate the sharing of models across different tool sets. This open standard is supported by many modeling tools, including full modeling environments, finite element tools, and programming languages.

  • Save development time by using the open modeling environment and flexible analysis tools of MapleSim to develop your design.
  •  Easily convert your model to an FMU (Functional Mockup Unit) for seamless incorporation inside a second tool.
  • Take advantage of the highly efficient code generation of MapleSim, which creates extremely fast auto-generated model code for your system.
  • Save money with royalty-free distribution of generated code.
MapleSim can also import FMI models created in other FMI-compatible software. Import functionality is built directly into MapleSim.

Paul Goossens, VP Engineering Solutions, delivers a presentation outlining MapleSim’s FMI support and “in-the-loop” optimization capabilities.


  • Exports any MapleSim model to any tool that supports the FMI standard for import, including dSPACE® SCALEXIO®, LMS Amesim™, QTronic Silver®, IPG CarMaker®, VI-CarRealTime™, B&R Automation Studio, and more
  • Produces highly efficient FMU code for fast execution of high-fidelity models
  • Supports models that include MapleSim custom components, automatically incorporating any user-defined procedures
  • Provides an easy-to-use MapleSim template with an intuitive step-by-step interface for setting parameters and options, browsing generated code, and exporting models
  • Includes a set of Maple language commands, which provides programmatic access to all functionality as an alternative to the interactive interface and supports custom application development.
  • Supports viewing, debugging, and visualizing simulation results involving exported MapleSim models using the powerful results management tools in MapleSim, even though the simulation was done in the target tool.

The FMI Standard is maintained by the Modelica Association. Maplesoft is a member of the
FMI Steering Committee

Symbolic Techniques for Model Code Optimization: FMI Applications

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Due to the way products are developed today, engineers increasingly have to take components from different suppliers and integrate them into their final product. The ability to take work developed within many different tools and accurately model the real-time behavior of the integrated system is of paramount importance. Having an open standard that supports model exchange and co-simulation has many benefits for engineers. To this end, FMI is an increasingly important standard for engineering system design, testing, and integration.